I wish I was able to go hunting during regular working hours!

To lead by example on refugee protection and resettlement. The postcard states: “I’m proud that the United States is urging world leaders to improve the collective response to refugee crises around the globe. Resettlement.” All signatures must be collected by Monday, Sep 12, 2016.

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Uppers: These are the seats in the balcony

Knowing what these terms mean will make your experience easier.Floor: These are typically the closest to a stage. Lowers: Lowers provide seating on the lower level of an arena or auditorium. Uppers: These are the seats in the balcony. Grr. Other than that, though, hand holding is simply adorable. Hugging is fine too, but it bugs me when the participants are engaging in a little too much rubbing or fondling in the hug.

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