New Jersey Sports Betting Law Approved as Sports Leagues Sue

New Jersey Sports Betting Law Approved as Sports Leagues Sue

Governor Chris Christie has signed a new bill that could allow for sports betting in New Jersey beginning right as this coming Sunday.

A New Jersey sports bill that is betting signed into legislation last week by Governor Chris Christie in what seems to be the War regarding the Roses between the Guv and major league sports. The new law would allow for sports betting at race tracks and casinos throughout the state after being passed by legislators last week.

On Monday, the NCAA and the four major professional sports leagues in America filed a movement in an attempt to stop sports gambling from being offered until their appropriate challenge to the bill could be heard.

If this all sounds familiar, that’s because these are simply the latest salvos in a battle throughout the state of New Jersey’s attempts to locate a method to permit Atlantic City casinos and racetracks statewide to offer sports betting services, despite the federal ban set up through the Professional and recreational Sports Protection Act (PASPA).

That law, passed 22 years back, banned state-regulated sports betting in all states other than Nevada, Delaware, Montana and Oregon, which had already regulated the gambling activity.

Christie Walks Slim Line in Signing Bill

In August, Christie vetoed two different bills that would have legalized recreations betting in hawaii, saying that efforts doing therefore will have to be carefully crafted to make sur Continue reading “New Jersey Sports Betting Law Approved as Sports Leagues Sue”

Comprehensive Tilt CEO Ray Bitar in Ill Health and Near Destitute, Allen Cunningham Says

Comprehensive Tilt CEO Ray Bitar in Ill Health and Near Destitute, Allen Cunningham Says

Ray Bitar was forced to surrender $40 million after pleading guilty to charges related to his time as CEO at Full Tilt, but avoided a prison sentence that is harsh.

Poker pro Allen Cunningham says that former Comprehensive Tilt CEO Ray Bitar is struggling with health problems and hasn’t been living the life that is high all since his sentencing this past year, despite what some poker fans may think. Those comments arrived within the center of a forums thread discussing the facts of the assets that Bitar was forced to forfeit as an element of his punishment for crimes pertaining to their time as head of the poker site that is infamous.

‘According to my sources Ray Bitar is unlikely to live no more than a couple years and is nearly penniless,’ Cunningham had written in a reply to the ‘conspiracy theorists’ whom advised that Bitar faked his heart related illnesses to get a more lenient deal last 12 months. ‘He don’t escape with anything. That should be worth more than a nvger that is random gossip as I ended up being member of group full tilt.’ [sic]

Guilty of Complete Tilt Charges

Bitar had been sentenced April that is last to served after pleading guilty to charges of unlawful Internet gambling and conspiracy to commit bank fraud and wire fraudulence. That phrase also included the forfeiture of $40 million in assets that had been produced by his just work at Full Tilt. At Continue reading “Comprehensive Tilt CEO Ray Bitar in Ill Health and Near Destitute, Allen Cunningham Says”

Sportsbooks Celebrate Lasting Results from Busy Betting Saturday

Sportsbooks Celebrate Lasting Results from Busy Betting Saturday

Mayweather-Pacquiao was the biggest draw for a busy day in recreations gambling.

Saturday sports bettors rarely have days like this past.

Not only was the fight that is long-awaited Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao held, getting an unprecedented number of wagers for a boxing match, but that battle came by the end of a very busy day in the sports world.

That made it a to remember for fans, bettors, and perhaps most of all, sportsbooks day.

All time very long, there were activities to be bet on. There clearly was playoff hockey early on, as the Capitals to even up their show at one game each.

Later at night, there was the thrilling game seven encounter between your San Antonio Spurs and also the Los Angeles Clippers; a big performance by Chris Paul sent the Clippers about the round that is second.

And there clearly was an abundance of baseball all day long, including a clash between the Yankees and the Red Sox, a matchup that always yields lots of attention.

Kentucky Derby Won by American Pharoah

But there were two big events that really drove the betting action on Saturday. First, there clearly was the Kentucky Derby, the first of the annual Triple Crown horse races.

The battle was won by favorite American Pharoah, who finished a length ahead of Firing Line while second choice Dortmund came in third.

Since the three horses that completed in the cash were the three top favorites, that meant plenty of race Continue reading “Sportsbooks Celebrate Lasting Results from Busy Betting Saturday”

GBGA Takes on UK Gambling Bill Point of Consumption Tax

GBGA Takes on UK Gambling Bill Point of Consumption Tax

Scales of Justice: The GBGA launches an extra appropriate challenge, this time against the point of consumption income tax.

The Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association (GBGA) has launched a challenge that is second the new UK Gambling Bill, AKA the Gambling (Licensing & Advertising) Act, having seen its initial challenge trashed of London High Court earlier in the month.

As the company’s first challenge contested the Act itself, the demand that is new a judicial review focuses solely regarding the brand new point of usage income tax, which, as a taxation issue rather than a certification issue, has been going right on through separate legal procedures.

The point of consumption tax will introduce a 15 per cent duty on all gambling operators that want to interact utilizing the market that is british most of whom must additionally be licensed and regulated in the UK.

Again, the GBGA will argue that the legislation is unlawful and that the point of consumption tax breaches Article 56 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, which deals with the free movement of trade across boundaries between EU member states.

Rogue Operators

‘This tax is a restriction on the conditions of services,’ stated the GBGA. ‘There are no comparable precedents regarding the British Government seeking to tax entities abroad in respect of the provision of services into great britain without going right through the appropr Continue reading “GBGA Takes on UK Gambling Bill Point of Consumption Tax”